Lipari and the Aeolian Islands offer great hiking opportunities with their beautiful nature trails

Our excursions on foot, by boat, by bike and on Stromboli


Excursions to Lipari and the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are an earthly paradise just waiting to be explored. Lipari offers great hiking opportunities with its beautiful nature trails.

A list of the different trails:

• From the Caolino quarries to the Terme di San Calogero: The Caolino quarries, now abandoned but already used in Greek times, open on the western side of the island, a short distance from the rural town of Quattropani, overlooking the "timponi" (the oldest formations of Lipari, emerged about 220,000 years ago). The path runs along the walls of the quarry, where ancient fumaroles have produced showy polychromies, the result of the alterations of the rocks, a fumarolic field still active, which testifies how the island is still affected by volcanic activity, and the tuff walls of Timpone Pataso, where we observe the stratified deposits that filled the lake that existed around 100,000 years ago, eventually including its riparian flora; among the most common fossil species the dwarf palm, still today quite widespread in the area, so much so as to have inspired the toponym (Palmeto). This side of the island is covered by extensive Mediterranean poodle meadows (Hyparrhenia hirta), of great landscape importance; in spring these environments are animated by the showy flowering of many spontaneous orchids, while along the path there is a small artificial basin that collects the waters of a thermal spring. The coast is, for most of the year, the kingdom of the herring gull (Larus cachinnans) and on the cliff you can see the accumulations of smooth pebbles of an ancient shore line, when the sea level was higher than the current one. After Vallone dei Lacci, the path climbs up to the thermal baths of San Calogero, a nineteenth-century building behind which stands a small tholos which, perhaps, represents the oldest known "thermal establishment" in the world and the only example of Mycenaean architecture found outside from the Aegean. From here you enter the road or, taking a final stretch of stone path, you reach the village of Pianoconte.
Medium Difficulty - Time 3 hours and 30 minutes

• The pumice and obsidian mountain: Monte Pelato is the last of the active volcanoes of Lipari, the scene of an early medieval eruption and entirely made up of pumice, whose north-eastern side was "cut" by a rhyolithic obsidian flow. The route, starting from Acquacalda, runs along the latter until it reaches the vineyards and the Mediterranean scrub of Fossa Castagna, the ancient crater, now covered by heather (Erica arborea), strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo) and ilatro (Phyllirea latifolia). Return along the path you have already traveled or, alternatively, in the direction of the town of Lami.
Low Difficulty - Time 3 hours

• From Quattropani to Monte Sant'Angelo: From the rural village of Quattropani you reach Monte Chirica, the highest peak of the island (602 meters above sea level), whose southern slope is covered by pumice deposits accumulated during the eruptions of the nearby crater of Monte Pelato. On this ground, of a dazzling white color, a dense Mediterranean scrub grows with heather, strawberry trees, brooms, rock roses, with isolated chestnuts and holm oaks, which represents one of the most expressive and most valuable examples of this type of formation found in the archipelago . The path continues along Poggio dei Funghi in the direction of Sant'Eramo, skirting the Vallone Fiume Bianco area; from here, continue south to Monte Sant'Angelo, the second relief of the island (594 meters above sea level) or, alternatively, descend eastwards towards the Pirrera district.
Medium-High Difficulty - Time 4 hours

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Boat excursions

Excursions to Lipari and the Aeolian Islands

Boat excursions are a fantastic experience, many beaches, inlets, different sunsets that give unique emotions; the Faraglioni and the enchantment of encountering Dolphins or Sea Turtles while sailing.
All excursions depart from the Canneto way, exactly near the property.

The excursions are:

• LIPARI AND VULCANO: departure at 9:30 am return at 6:00 pm the day will begin by taking a first bath by costing the volcano where the lava has created fantastic figures: the Valley of the Monsters. You can then admire the bay of the black sands renowned for its long beach of volcanic sand, and the active volcano of the islands: the impotent Gran Cratere della Fossa. We will then continue to the Grotta del Cavallo and the Pool of Venus, a mirror of water where we will stop for a swim. You will continue to skirt a small uninhabited village up to Gelso, then passing the rock the little mermaid to the port of Levane where you will be welcomed by the smell of sulfur, a tour in the village, a bath in the mud pool, hot waters or for the most part. sports the fantastic climb to the crater.

• ISLANDS OF FILICUDI AND ALICUDI: departure at 9:00 return at 18:00 the day will begin with the route to Filicudi, passing between the Faraglioni and leaving Salina behind. Once in the vicinity you will walk along until you reach the Grotta del be marino where an unforgettable swim awaits you. We leave to visit the Montenassari, Giafante and above all the Canna stacks, a particular 85 cm high volcanic. Continue to the port to allow you to visit the prehistoric village of Capo Graziano. In the early afternoon we leave after visiting millstones in Alicudi, the least populated island of the archipelago.

• ISLAND OF PANAREA AND STROMBOLI: departure at 10:30 or 12:00 return at 22: 30/24: 00 Starting from the reeds the first stop will be made at the pumice quarries to enjoy a bath in the crystal clear waters, continue to Panarea where we will visit the natural bay of Calajunco, above which is the prehistoric village of Capo Milazzese, near Cala Zimmari it will be possible to take a further swim. We leave for a panoramic tour among the islets, visiting the Lovers' cave until we reach the port; On the island you will have the possibility to have lunch or take a walk through the streets full of shops or visit the very pleasant prehistoric village. In the afternoon direct to the magnificent island of Stromboli, where before arriving at the port you will pass between the islets that surround the small island and in the distance it is possible to admire Ginostra; once on the island you can dine, walk, take a bath, at sunset we will leave to visit the Strombolicchio a mammoth rock and then admire the enchanting Sciara from the sea with the evocative explosions that this volcano gives us, in short, an emotion not to be missed.

• ISLAND OF SALINA: departure at 10 am return at 5 pm Immediately after the departure from Canneto we start with a stop at the Pumice Quarries for a first swim, we will repeat where we will skirt the beautiful Acquacalda and then continue towards Salina; The first stop is in Santa Marina Salina to visit the most important town of the island, immediately after a second swim in the bay of Pollara, famous for the film by Massimo Trosi THE POSTMAN; we leave to visit Lingua, the small fishing village where in addition to excellent restaurants there are coves where you can swim, finally you can visit the Salt Lake that gave its name to this island. On the way back you will be able to visit the most beautiful caves of Lipari and take the last swim in Vinci in front of the Faraglioni... all spectacular!

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Bike excursions

Excursions to Lipari and the Aeolian Islands

Discover the Aeolian Islands with our bikes!

Ready for a cycling adventure on our islands to discover unspoiled nature or one of our beautiful beaches?

We offer our guests innovative bicycles with which to explore the natural beauty that the Aeolian Islands offer. Starting from the Canneto bay, you can explore the entire island of Lipari.

Paths of our pristine hills and hidden beaches await you.

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Excursions on the Stromboli volcano

Excursions to Lipari and the Aeolian Islands

The crater: the excursion to the Stromboli crater is a unique and fascinating experience that allows you to admire an incomparable natural spectacle. Through a path of rare beauty, with unforgettable landscape views, you reach the sight of one of the few active volcanoes in the world. The crater consists of a group of five mouths.
The persistent explosive activity is directly observable from a few hundred meters away: a succession of thunderous explosions that project incandescent lapilli into the air, creating a spectacle that makes you forget the fatigue of the journey that has just ended.

Ascent to the volcano: approximately 5 hours round trip. From the ferry landing in San Vincenzo, head towards the town, going up the asphalted road that leads to San Bartolo. In a short time you pass the characteristic white houses and take a mule track (indication signs) initially paved with lava stone and followed, after a few bends, a dirt road. In twenty minutes you reach the observatory of Punta Labronzo (refreshment point and observation point of the craters) where the real climb begins. Now head directly to the top, along a beautiful mule track surrounded by lush vegetation: the path climbs with moderate slopes along numerous hairpin bends and comes out, at the end of the mule track, on a pulpit (be careful!) From which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Sciara del Fuoco, the huge black slope where the blocks of lava roll from the crater to the sea.
Leaving the comfortable mule track, go up a steep path deeply engraved in the ground. This real trench, dug by water erosion, allows you to reach a short slope of reddish lava that requires some attention and the use of hands to facilitate the climb. At the end of the easy climb, a beautiful view of the town and Strombolicchio opens to the left. Almost 700 meters below. At this point the climb continues on the wide ridge that leads to the top, always steep and on sandy ground. When you finally reach the craters, you will find the first positions, consisting of low protective walls arranged in a semicircle, where you can settle down to observe the eruptions.
From this height you can see, between a puff of gas and the other, the craters; along the last easy stretch of the ridge, you reach the top which is the closest observation point to the mouths. At this point, with a favorable wind, the vision is exceptional and the spectacle unforgettable: high and frightening explosions follow one another rhythmically, dyeing the black of the night red.

Night excursion by boat: it is perhaps the best way to appreciate all the different aspects of this island. The steep Sciara del Fuoco is impressive (see above) and at night, the volcanic eruptions that with an incredible regularity silhouetted the fiery red lapilli against the black of the sky giving life to magnificent natural fireworks (the emissions appear greyish during the day).

We are at your disposal to advise you on how to best enjoy your days.

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The Aeolian Islands are an earthly paradise just waiting to be explored. Lipari offers great hiking opportunities with its beautiful nature trails.